Wednesday, 24 February 2016

To all of those who taught us well,

Stood by our sides,
and watched us learn.
I respect you all irrespective of what all you've ever taught me.
If we talk about the knowledge and awareness that 
We have had till now;
It's evident that 
the students were exposed to
 nearly nothing or anything concrete.
Responsibility of which shall lie on
our own mighty shoulders. 
Remembering all of those times whenever 
our Lighthouses,
Enlightened us with certain readings,
Be them academic or for muse.
There's this thing which was obvious that,
The Lighthouse holds plethora of 
universally conspired illumination,
which can guide all of those ships 
And even boats 
that it may come across.
Now is the time,
Let's just get this straight
We are walking down a lane.
That lane,
Where there's a well of wisdom;
Wherein you can choose 
whatever you may want to
Only one drop of it at a time.
And that's not it...
You must also know,
Well is all the time up-to the brim
Overflowing with knowledge,
And it is that over flow 
which makes the entire herd 
go berserk...
For the fear of fearing 
the loss of relevance,
Is too much for you to take.
And the value..
of course not the value;
because it's the quantity 
interests you more.
The quality which is of value recognition
lies somewhere
in the dungeons deep.
It is this peculiar fear 
which makes you end up with
Literary nothing.
Let's rejoice!
There are some 
who may till a stretch of time,
Mark those goal-spots with little 
or simply no idea of the why's and how's of that entire journey.
For them,
All the links and loops belong right there in your vicinity's circus.
As what they want to do is,
Hoard it all.
Be it anything
By that I mean everything.
That's so simple,
Such a juxtapose of smart hoarding
footprint mapping,
is very often proclaimed
 as the sole aim of the life.
Where you try to foresee the path;
You already know where you will be going.
And by my above statement,
You are simply not entitled to assume 
I'm praising that far-sightedness.
What you must know,
is not the path which might lead you
A belief that
What all you seek somewhere out there
rests right there
in your own selves.
And that is what
I assure you with,
Is enough for you to customise your own path.
You know,
It's just perfectly fine
to update to the latest format of your dictionaries.
it's just not okay
To stay blindfolded on that entire journey.
True wisdom is in knowing
Knowledge in it's free spirits
takes the shape of any container,
you may want to mould it in.
My friend,
When it's about the wisdom;
Which so many of the path-walkers want to take.
It's better,
You start digging your own WiZz well.
For true spirits of wisdom 
are in knowing the fact
it's like the wisp,
You believe it
only when you've seen it.
Until then,
It's all fiction.

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