Sunday, 20 December 2015


Have a cup of tea for two.
Don't forget to,
Shudder with words till the venue.
you may know then how important it is to welcome yourself home.
Let me say it again...
Asked to you believe it to be not true.
How much beautiful it is to spend some summers with you.
Yes you; 
my double chinned, 
dove eyed beauty.
When ever you look in that mirror, 
I always forget that it's my duty.
To believe you,
The beautiful you.
The voluptuous you.
The sulky sore,
oh so always forgotten you.
For you may only realise then,
It's never the same sunny day.
The silver lines also have their part to play.
Let's move back in time;
When your mouth was sour and
While cheeks were sublime.
The day...
you ran home and slept with a pillow dried.
I was there with you,
Standing by your side.
That was the time for you to know,
Oh dear, Pumpkin.
My dear munch-kin,
Say hello...
Hello again to the Halloween
It was your lover under the grey sky.
It never made your hollow shell dry.
It was for always, 
an unspoken promise by your bedside.
A culture that made you believe,
Nothing is beautiful but, 
My knight with a corroded armour,
Take that sword out;
And make the realms believe that too.

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