Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A traveler in his solitary dame.

Travelling through the sailing tales.
Bluesy waves make a cut to north.
Wild tides gushing to mark their worth.
Thunders and their majestic wonders,
Lightens up the heaven and hell.
Probing the sea,
to open up the mystic spell.
By the bravest heart,
It can be done,
By the bravest heart,
can it be undone.
Calling the brave hearts,
In its heart's abode.
The bluesy blunt,
backlashes to its crunch code.
Bravest of brave, 
came and left.
The Bravest of all,
committed the the unnamed theft.
'Pearl of purfled purity' was touched.
Guardians baffled and stated,
"Nobody was seen as such."
Amid-st the tribe of chaos,
A Noble's voice rouse. 
The book of prophecy was called upon.
Pages whereby,
unfurled the unheard galore. 
Universe of dreams and aspirations,
Unleashed the the story foretold.
Shall thou be,
Even by the touch of greats.
Thee can be not,
  By the greatest of all's,
  Purfled pure thoughts.
  Spoken it was all,
  by the greatest of conquest.
  A victory,
  Which lays all doubts to rest.


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