Saturday, 10 January 2015

How much lazy am I...

To even hold up the pen, 
Hiding in the arms of my solitary den.
Locking the door with the keys of isolation.
Thumping the pounding heart,
In pursuit of unknown solutions.
Fleeing the caravan of ecstasy 
Probing myself,
To come face to face. 
All that I've ever known is
Happiness knocking door of my quite solace.
Let me,
Oh! let me,
 search the wild keys.
For kept are they in the dungeons deep.
Let me,
Oh! let me, 
have a way to even peep.
Let me unravel the secrets you keep .
Yes, you!
The keeper of my fears and fright.
The poacher of my skin deep light.
Enough said,
Heard been enough.
Its a call to break free,
The handcuffs.
Prisoners shall unchain his prisoner within. 
Then be rinsed from the sinful sins.
then be the obscured keys of light.
   Doors, unlocked ...
Weights, undocked...
As the hand strikes the clock midnight.
I'll be weaving a whole thread of year welcomed,
with this new armor of being upright;
 held tight.

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