Friday, 19 December 2014


The bell rang,
Students in jiffy roaming class by class in quest of a treasure. Honestly, these hovering in classes never amused me. I'm, since very beginning unlikely with these nomadic stuff.  
I find them nomadic because roaming in quest of things, 
that too just for the sake of showing them off,
never fetch the tag of being called reliable.
Now making our way back to the treasure, finally! 
Its some how in the hands of these nomads.
Possessions; that's how they should be addressed.
"Books" they are possession to be possessed and treasure to be guarded.
After all, what they do isn't something as easy as to pull off a cap. A corner of respect and gratitude needs to be reserved for them. Who wouldn't ask for recognition?
After all, whenever we shower our generous selves upon the kith's and kin's;
we never mind the due credit of acknowledgement gemmed upon our coats.
Do we, ever ?
That's not the case so similar in case of books. You won't ever see a book bragging about itself; 
Asking people to take it home or just in case pleading someone, for some insight or glimpse.
No!  No!  No!
We never care to come across such scenario, right ?
Well, that is so because such scenes never take a shot in real time.
And secondly, books never are in quest of people rather people are in quest of the books.
Every book of any genre, language or motif is meant for someone.
That someone, who's going to acknowledge - appreciate and appraise the gem they are endowed with.
Books neither ever have nor ever will look for a chances to be heard.
these are those Melodies which hymn with silent words.
Such is the powerful possession of this treasure.
Toasts are what they deserve and cheer should shout out their legacy infinitely.
Truth is, 
Books can't give you knowledge. 
They just inspire you to know what you don't know.

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